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Perc – CLR , 23.8.2010

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Perc – CLR


01. Ductile – Comptine – Groom Records
02. Marcel Dettmann – Screen – Ostgut Ton
03. Will Saul & Mike Monday – Sequence 1 – Aus Music
04. Perc – Rowan – Stroboscopic Artefacts
05. Sawf – Fratzola (Perc Remix) – Dirty Planet
06. Jonas Kopp – In My Soul – Traut Muzik
07. Kenny Larkin – Dirty Disco – Rush Hour
08. Terrence Fixmer – Things Are Over – Electric Deluxe
09. DJ Misjah – The Afterworld – Mid-Town Records
10. Nitzer Ebb – Join In the Chant (Perc Drum Tools) – Mute
11. Seldom Felt – 001 A1 – Seldom Felt
12. Dipole – Pole – Sonic Groove
13. Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix) – CLR
14. Tadeo – Everlasting – Cyclical Tracks
15. Markey – Bounce – Relief Records
16. Adam X vs Ancient Methods – Proarrythmia (Ancient Methods Mix) – Sonic Groove
17. Nihad Tule & Nima Khak – Smut – Drumcode
18. Gary Beck – Kimono Captcher – Bek Audio

Lucy – CLR , 21.6.2010

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Lucy – CLR


01. Kenny Larkin “Glob” ( Ben Klock Remix) (Planet E Communications)
02. James Ruskin “Graphic” [Ostgut Ton]
03. Peter Van Hoesen “Quartz #1” [Time To Express]
04. Daniela Stickroth “The Slot” (Xhin Remix) [Lineal]
05. Tommy Four Seven “Sor” [CLR]
06. Lucy & Ercolino “Gmork” (Luke Slater Remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
07. Marcel Fengler “Sculptures” [Mote Evolver]
08. The Mole People “Ocean” [Strictly Rhythm]
09. Dino Sabatini “Ceto” [Prologue]
10. Lucy “Kalachakra Version” [Prologue]
11. SIlent Servant “B” (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
12. Makaton “Endless Revolt” [Token]
13. Speedj J “Trails” (Edit Select Hooked Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
14. Chris Liebing vs. Green Velvet “Auf Und Ab Und Kinda High” (Dustin Zahn Mix) [CLR]
15. Donor “Rhetoric” [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
16. Marcel Dettmann “Argon” [Ostgut Ton]

Alan Fitzpatrick – CLR ,14-6-2010

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Alan Fitzpatrick – CLR


1. Mark Broom – Meltin Pot (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (Saved)

2. Joel Mull & Dustin Zahn – Ninja (Alan Fitzpatrick’s Behind Enemy Lines Weapon) (Enemy) 
3. Unknown – Space (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (CDR) 
4. Alan Fitzpatrick – Xerrox Structure (Drumcode Album) 
5. Adam Beyer & Alexi Delano – Untitled (Mad Eye) 
6. Alan Fitzpatrick – Blocked Up (Drumcode Album) 
7. Harvey Mckay – Shift (Rich Jones Remix) (Soma) 
8. Slam (Last Sonic Approach) (Loop) (Drumcode) 
9. Sasha Carassi – Minds Up (8 Sided Dice) 
10. M Lidvik – Pollinater (Gary Beck Remix) (Punch)
11. Rich Jones – Beasts Of Legend (8 Sided Dice) 
12. Alan Fitzpatrick – Alpha Scanner (Drumcode Album) 
13. Mark Broom – Ssssshh (Beardman) 
14. Gnork (Luke Slater remix) 
15. Joseph Capriati – Inferno (Analytic Trail) 
16. Adam Beyer – Antistious (CLR) 
17. Alan Fitzpatrick – A Small Decline (Drumcode Album) 
18. Sasha Wins & Igor Shep – Give Me Beat Freaks (Mark Broom Mix) (CDR) 
19. Samuel L Session – Inner City Pt4 (Figure) 
20. Rich Jones – Viable Second (8 Sided Dice) 
21. Sasha Carassi – Chemistry (8 Sided Dice) 
22. Adam Beyer – Untitled (Drumcode)
23. Alan Fitzpatrick – Paranoize (Drumcode Album) 
24. Slam – City Destroyer (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (Soma) 
25. Mark Broom – Verve (Beardman) 
26. M0h – Seven (Gary Beck Remix) (Touched)
27. Pascal Mollin – Golden Key (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (Touched) 
28. Rich Jones – Choronzon (Harvey Mckay Remix) (8 Sided Dice) 
29. Alan Fitzpatrick – Gridlock (Drumcode) 
30. Cari Lekebusch – Motions of Energy (H Productions) 
31. Alan Fitzpatrick – 1702 (Drumcode Album)

Chris Liebing – CLR ,7.6.2010

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Chris Liebing – CLR


Adam Beyer – CLR , 17.5.2010

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Adam Beyer – CLR



Adam Beyer Adam Beyer became dedicated to the fascinating world of rhythm early on. After playing the drums as a teenager his obsession turned to the decks. In 1990 he bought his first set of turntables and started spinning a wide range of hiphop, hiphouse, acid and techno at local parties and clubs. Beyer soon learned how to blend his sets in a thoughtfull and highly focused way, a talent that has now developed into his trademark style. In 92 Fellow school friend Peter Benisch introduced Beyer to the sampler , a year later they got their first record deal with New York based Direct Drive. After finishing school in 1995, Beyer started work at the Planet Rhythm record store while releasing some tracks under a variety of names and continually djing all over Scandinavia.
Adam Beyer sites Drumcodes 1 (Planet Rhythm 1995) as the first record to define his style; hard, percussive and loop oriented. This 12″ names Beyer´s future label and was soon followed by his critically acclaimed debut album Decoded (Planet Rhythm 1996). His need to create the perfect dj tool gave rise to the launch of the Drumcode label allowing him total musical freedom. The label´s strong concept and high production levels meant it enjoyed immediate success. After six releases Beyer launched his second label Code Red focusing on a slightly softer side of techno. Code Red finished with its 10 th and final release Stand Down (Code Red 1999) which was a compilation of remixes from various international artists.
His production skills soon brought Beyer to the attention of djs worldwide and global bookings soon followed. His meteoric rise has been cited as one of the catalysts for Swedish techno´s current influence. He pinpoints the Stockholm sound as being closely linked to his network of friends in the city aswell as the triumvirate of himself, Joel Mull and Cari Lekebusch. After many releases and remixes on various labels he launched the second album Protechtion (Drumcode 1999). While the market was being flooded with monoton loop oriented techno Beyer worked on strengthening the arrangements that characterised his earlier works, aswell as adding melodic strings. Still with a clear focus on the dance floor.
The same year Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch linked up to create a stunning live act first witnessed in London to instant acclaim. The act created the intense feeling of a creative dj set while the duo played back to back mixing their production styles.

Speedy J – CLR Podcast , 3.5.2010

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Speedy J – CLR Podcast


Monoloc – CLR , 26.4.2010

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Monoloc – CLR


1. Cristian Vogel – On the Line (original Mix)
2. Peter van Hoesen – Sustaining The Chain (original Mix)
3. Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy – Where would you be? – Loopapella
4.Milton Bradley – Somewhere Beyond My illusion (original Mix)
5.Sendai – Below K-pun One (original Mix)
6.Samuli Kemppi – Dark Matter (original Mix)
7. Pantha Du Prince – Frozen Fog (original Mix)
8. BCR Boys- Delete (original Mix)
9. Xhin – Blade Moth (original Mix)
10.Marcel Dettmann – Kernel (original Mix)
11.Kevin Gorman – Nearly DJ Tool
12.Shonky, Jennifer Cardini – Tuesday Paranoia – Acapella
13.CCCP – CCCP (original Mix)
14.Monoloc – Pumpkin
15. t47- SOR
16.DBX – Losing Control (Remastered) (original Mix)